Veg Marketplace

I started this project to ensure my community could receive the items they need most, to help support my fellow vegan small business owners and to help support my own family during these trying and unprecedented times.

I have big plans for this business and once we have a month or two under our belts we will open up our marketplace for individual purchasing. We will always curate subscription boxes for you and yours but opening up a marketplace once stocked is best for those that don’t prefer subscription boxes.

Subscription Boxes

🌱 Meat
🌱 Dairy
🌱 Farm Fresh
🌱 Snack
🌱 Beauty + Fashion
🌱 Fitness + Wellness
🌱 Baby
🌱 Assortment
🌱 Cheese (coming soon)
🌱 Experience (coming soon)
🌱 Cheese + Wine (coming soon)
🌱 Breakfast (coming soon)
🌱 Lunch (coming soon)
🌱 Supper (coming soon)
🌱 Staples (coming soon)
🌱 Zero Waste (coming soon)
🌱 Gut Box (coming soon)

Thank you for being here and thank you for your support. I look forward to serving you in the near future. Stay tuned for new subscription boxes shortly, like our vegan cheese + wine box, experience box, and so many more.

Stay Safe + Be Well,
Veronika Simmons | Founder + CEO
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