Massive & Unprecedented Change by Mo Markham (from our Winter 2018 issue)

The latest report to the United Nations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we need massive and unprecedented change if we’re going to turn things around. Massive and unprecedented change. To land use, diets, energy systems, coal, oil and gas.

We need to get active to ensure the world knows animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, ocean dead zones, and species extinction; uses 1⁄3 of the world’s fresh water and arable land; and creates more greenhouse gas emissions than all transportation, according to the UN.

This is about the children we love. Our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbours. And children we’ve never met. They’ll have lives full of disasters and crises if we don’t act now. They deserve a future, and a planet.

This isn’t a drill. It’s the real thing, and we’re already experiencing the impacts. Worsening fires in California, BC, Alberta, Northern Ontario… Entire Canadian cities evacuated. Fires that burn for over a year. Flooding and storms worsening every year. Islands increasingly under water. Days it’s too hot to go outside in South Asia, where billions live.

Resources we’re currently wasting on animal agriculture, though most people aren’t aware of that.

People are waiting for someone to do something. Guess what? We’re the ones who need to do something. We won’t turn things around at the level of activism we have now. We need to rise up … in massive numbers … for unprecedented change.

So let’s get involved! Activism takes many forms. Creating films, artwork, articles; putting on protests, food-samplings, cooking classes; screening films; disseminating information; lobbying governments …

Some do it alone; some join organizations. The first year I went vegan … after seeing climate change in BC … I joined Save and screened or helped screen environmental films for 500 young people. This year it will be 3,000.

The Climate Save Movement, the environmental arm of the Worldwide Save Movement, is expanding. Look for our Amazon Emergency Actions campaign. The rainforest is crucial to our survival, and the new Brazilian president plans to cut it down for “cattle,” etc.

The environmental movement is taking off around the world in response to the report to the UN. We can’t give up … in case we can still make change for the children.

And much of the action is coming from children. A 14-year-old in Sweden, Greta Thunberg, started striking from school in August, and kids in Australia and Germany and Canada are joining her. Fridays for Future is the movement in Canada … started by an 11-year-old in Sudbury. Please spread the word and support them, or start strikes in your city.

Youth in Quebec and the U.S. are suing their governments for their right to a safe climate.

Young people in major cities across Canada occupied their MPs’ offices last week to demand to be heard.

Please make and encourage massive and unprecedented change. For Mother Earth. And her children. Our children.

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