One Day Websites

For only $600, you can have a great looking one-page website… in 24 hours or less!

Do you need a website? A presence on the internet? A new look? But can’t spend a lot of cash right now?

I create websites that convey your message in a clean and beautifully designed format… all on one page!

I am a graphic designer, coder, WordPress pro and I love what I do! Once you give me your content, and pick a date on my schedule, I’ll do it for you in 24 hours.

This is what you get:

A WordPress one-page website that is fully expandable. When you’re ready, you can have me help you or I can teach you how!

A page with up to 2 sidebars.

Outbound-links to favourite things. SEO – Search Engine Optimization, so folks can find you! Social media share buttons. Photos.

All in just 24 hours, once I have all of your content.

Of course, you have to spend some time bringing all of your content together, the written copy, the photos, the drawings, or video links.

Once everything’s in place you send your package off to me, and I put you into my next available time slot and create a One Day Website that is all yours! A reflection of what you are offering, who you are and how to find you.

This is what we need from you:

Tell me what you do. Websites are like online business cards. What do you want your customers, clients, colleagues to know about you and the services you provide? Write it up. About 300 words will do, but more is okay. Remember that it doesn’t have to be super long to be thorough and clear. People don’t want to read too much, and the world of the web is fast-moving. If you’re not a writer, I have great copywriters to recommend. They can help you refine your message. Website visitors want to see you, understand your mission and appreciate your style.

If you have what they want, they’re yours!

The list:

  • Your bio/description, edited and proofread.
  • Your domain name. Don’t have one? I can help with that. But it’s extra…
  • Your logo. Don’t have one? I can help with that. But it’s extra…
  • A web host. Don’t have one? I can help with that. But it’s extra…
  • I’d love a headshot and 6-8 good, high resolution pics!
  • Send me your contact information.
  • Favourite colors?
  • Do you like sans-serif or serif fonts?
  • Payment due in full when you schedule your One Day Website.

Please note: I schedule One Day Websites once I have all the content required. Your website is then created on that scheduled day, within 24 hours.